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"Capture The Mind Blowing Power Of A Business Management Solution So Complete It Contains Absolutely Everything You Need To Command Your Insanely Profitable Online Business In One Place..."

All Without The Enormous Price Tag, Without Any Of The Tech Headaches, And Without Any Complicated Script Installs!


Thursday 08:48 AM
From The Desk of:  Andrew Wainwright

Dear Friend,

Running an online business is never as easy as they would have you believe.

There's products to manage, affiliate promos to concern yourself with, commissions to pay, customers to communicate with, and so much more that for many it becomes an enormous battle of time spent and money wasted.

And until now the answer has been to utilize 3 or 4 different scripts to try to keep up with everything, which is frankly no easy task.

Especially when you should be focusing on what matters most... your money.

If you're frustrated with the disarray, and lack of a single - easy to manage solution, then read the rest of this letter very carefully.

What you're about to discover...

... will change the way you sell online!

But first, I want to start out by being very open with you by sharing my own rather personal and embarrassing online marketing experience.

The problems started out small, as most business problems do, and then slowly but surely they snowballed into larger and more complex problems which took up far too much of my time.

You see, with hundreds of customers who have purchased products from me in the past... one day it struck me that I had absolutely no way of managing all of them!

There was simply no easy way for me to keep track of all my customers, affiliates, products, commissions in and commissions out...

My business was becoming an animal... caged and ready to attack if I didn't do something quick!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

(Check anything in the box below that applies to your business...) Although I don't like admitting it, I had to check every single one of them at that painful-but-crucial turning point in my marketing career.

 You have to log in individually to a few different payment processors (such as Paypal®, ClickBank®, 2CheckOut®, etc) just to access the records and find out who ordered what and when and for how much.

 Your Order Page is unsightly because you have 2 or 3 different payment links, each one attempting to cater to potential customers that may want to use an alternate payment processor.

 Your customer data is scattered all over the place and you don't have a unified list of all your customers to follow-up with effectively (if even at all).

 It's a constant aggravation and time-waster each and every time you create new products or have to change pricing information, because you have to login to several different websites just to do the job.

 You have no idea who your Affiliates are, how many affiliates you have, or even which ones of your products they're promoting.

  You have to use third party affiliate programs because you have no idea how to bring it "in-house", even though you'd like to have that kind of power for your business. 

It became rather embarrassing for me because there I was, showing marketers how to automate their efforts when I personally was guilty of not handling my online business in the most effective way possible...

Then it dawned on me that I only had myself to blame!

This led to some serious research on my part.  After all, I knew that if I didn't do something quick, that my growing business was soon going to become unmanageable.

Thankfully, in the process of trying to solve my dilemma, I discovered the most powerful sales management system on the Internet.

And the good news for you is that now you can harness this power too, without an enormous pricetag, and without tech heavy script installations, starting as early as right now.

It's the only system you'll ever need to completely manage your Internet business, regardless of its size!

So, if you're ready to start making some drop-dead serious money on the Internet... you need a business management system that can handle anything and everything... 

And that's exactly what you're getting here...

When you join My Marketer's Edge you will have complete and instant access to our comprehensive business solution...

All without the enormous pricetag you've seen with so many online solutions on the market today. 

In fact, you can have it ALL right here and right now without installing any scripts, and without the rest of the headaches, either!

That's right... you can have it all... manage your business and crank out more cash than you ever though possible with your own in-house army of affiliates... with...

My Marketer's Edge...

Here's a quick peek at all you will be able to do with My Marketer's Edge:

Put My Marketer's Edge To Work For Your Business And:

 You will be able to add and manage an unlimited number of products in your inventory with just a few simple clicks. 

 You'll save precious time by being able to include product details such as price, downloading instructions, download location, refund period and supported payment processors - all at once

 You'll eliminate the need to use multiple, separate order links on your sales pages. You can automatically generate a single order link for your customers to click on, and they can then choose any of the payment processors you specify.

You can easily put the power of OTO's and 'Packaging' To Work For Lightning Fast Profits!

 You'll explode your revenue by generating additional sales through 'packaging' a group of related products (Internet Marketers have reported a 38% increase in revenue on average just by using this technique alone!

 Provide additional delivery or upsell options with the powerful and easy to use "packaging" feature that is unique to the ultra potent My Marketer's Edge.  

 You'll generate incredible recurring or installment-based payment options for big ticket items. (This technique of "lowering price resistance" increases the sales of your "big ticket" items by as much as 70%...)

Tired of having your products stolen right out from under your nose? That problem is solved immediately:

 Now you can protect and secure your download page links from theft by unauthorized downloads. My Marketer's Edge generates a temporary download page "on the fly" for each new customer, such that your actual download location remains hidden. You can even specify the number of hours this temporary link remains valid. 

 Completely monetize your existing customers because My Marketer's Edge is a full blown CRM system that keeps full records of their details, including their name, phone number, physical address and their email address. 

 And you can add each new customer to an autoresponder of your choice... automatically. This works with ANY of the existing autoresponder services on the market.

At last, follow-up with ALL your customers is a breeze!

 You can immediately send an automated email message to your customers when they buy something from you. This email message might contain information about your other products, or even further download instructions, or offer additional resources or upsells for more profit.  

 You'll be able to send autorespnder emails to your customers who have purchased a particular product, or just to those who have spent a certain amount of money on your products. This is especially useful for up-selling or for rewarding frequent buyers

 You have the ability to prevent fraud and safeguard yourself from 'buyers' who abuse your refund policy by banning them either by their IP or their email address. This instantly stops malicious users from abusing your ordering system.

Choose from our beautiful color schemes or you can customize them to match your current website!

 You can fully customize and change the interface to look like the rest of your website. Want to add your logo, headers and footers to the control panel, or change My Marketer's Edge to speak your language? It's *all* possible with the flexible and potent My Marketer's Edge.

 If you ever dreamed of big time JVs, now you have the ability to broker joint venture deals and handle payments the fast and easy way with My Marketer's Edge! 

 Feel the stress melt away as you manage all your affiliates and payouts with ease, regardless of the number of affiliates or products you have.

(More on the affiliate & JV management capabilities in a moment, but I have something else to show you right now that is so exciting I can't wait!)

This is just for starters!  Here's what I couldn't wait any longer to tell you about...

Have You Dreamed Of Your Own Highly Profitable Membership Website But Didn't Know Where To Start? Now It's Easy, With My Marketer's Edge!

Membership sites are incredibly popular and profitable marketing strategies and can create ridiculous amounts of recurring revenue for you...

Picture yourself generating thousands per month, every single month, with just one membership site... and My Marketer's Edge allows you to create an unlimited number of them... with ease!

Savvy marketers everywhere are making fortunes with them.  And now it's your turn.,. all without having to invest a dime in yet another expensive script!

It's just one more amazing facet of our total MME business management system! No extra fees, either. :-)

Imagine the kind of income you can generate with 100 subscribers paying you $20 monthly... That's $2000 a month residual income, for as long as they remain subscribed!

Or how about 200, 500 or more members? Well, I'm sure you get the idea...  And that's just for ONE site!

Here's a snapshot of what you'll soon be able to do with My Marketer's Edge... 

Now, With Full Charge Of Your Own Private Membership Site, You Can...

 Control all access to the membership area of your websites, password protecting them so that they are locked down tight as Fort Knox. (You can do so even if you know nothing about "CHMOD" or setting server permissions.  All it takes is a few quick and simple clicks of a button.) 

 Easily create order links for subscriptions by entering a few quick details, and My Marketer's Edge will automatically handle any recurring payments... regardless of which payment processor used. 

 Finally, you can offer trial subscriptions to your membership site - now you can easily bill your customers $1 for the first month, and then $19.95 (or whatever pricepoint you wish) for each subsequent month, skyrocketing your conversions, and sending your profits into overdrive. 

 You can also generate random usernames and passwords for each member who signs up "on the fly"... and then send him/her a "Welcome Email" with his/her account information and your personalized message ensuring that you begin building that customer relationship immediately.

 Have a killer offer you want to let your members know about?... send out a one-time "broadcast email" to your members any time through the control interface and create cash on demand, any time you wish.

There's really no excuse for not starting your own mega profitable membership site now that you have the power of My Marketer's Edge!

Holy Toledo, Andrew! Say no more, I want it right now!

Remember earlier, when I said there was a lot more about Affiliate management? Well, let's dive in!

Built into the heart of My Marketer's Edge is an extremely potent Affiliate Manager module that allows you to run your very own affiliate program and you set the profit margins... YOU are in complete control. 

In the past, when it came to managing affiliates, you only had these 3 commonly available options:

1.  Using a 3rd party Affiliate Management system that runs you anywhere from $29 to $79 or more per month.

2.   Buying a separate Affiliate Management software script that costs you generally at least a few hundred dollars before you even know if it's really suitable for you or not.

3.  Or, using a FREE solution such as ClickBank® that offers only the most basic functionality and they charge mind blowingly outrageous fees right off the top of your profits, too!

But that's all about to change, for you my friend!

Finally, your own high powered Affiliate Program!

None of the 3 options above come close to matching My Marketer's Edge in ease of use, or in its ability to create a steady stream of profits, the likes of which you only previously dreamed possible.

My Marketer's Edge is the most comprehensive business management solution available on the market today, engineered so your affiliates can concentrate fully on promoting your products, instead of trying to figure out how everything works.

Harness The Power Of The My Marketer's Edge Affiliate Program:

 Get hordes of affiliates promote your products by recruiting up to 2 levels deep. Most affiliate management solutions are only 1 tier, but ours allows your affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates too, sending your profits through the roof. 

 You control the products you wish to be included in your Affiliate Program, and you also have the ability set different commission levels (either a percentage or a flat fee) for each one of them, giving you complete control over all aspects. 

 Regardless of which payment processor your customer chooses, your Affiliate Program is independent of the payment gateway and your affiliates will always be credited fairly

 You can even set up incentive referral credits whereby you pay your affiliates (some amount you decide such as 10 cents/click) each time they refer a click-through visitor to your sales page. 

 You control the integrity of your Affiliate Program by manually approving all new affiliates who sign up. You can also deactivate affiliates who have violated your Terms And Conditions with a single click. 

 Affiliates are automatically credited only after the specified guarantee period is over.  If the purchase is refunded, the affiliate will not be credited for the sale.  This automated process is an astonishing time saver! 

 You can easily reward special or top affiliates by offering them higher commissions for certain products & enhance your relationships with them. You can even vary the commission level for each affiliate, allowing you to reward those that are making you money. 

 Boost your affiliate sales even further by running an affiliate contest. My Marketer's Edge allows you to see your top affiliates and the products they're promoting at a glance. 

 View the amount owed and make your payouts directly from the control panel using Paypal® - it's all engineered to be managed quickly and completely hassle-free!  Now you get to focus on what's important... like what to do with all your money! 

An Affiliate Management program should also
make it simple to recruit new affiliates...

Well, that's a breeze with My Marketer's Edge, because with this system you can also:

 Reward your affiliates for referring sub-affiliates by specifying a flat fee for each sub-affiliate referred. 

 Allow your affiliates to build their list by adding their sub-affiliates to ANY autoresponder of their choice. They can then follow-up with their own group of affiliates. (They will *love* you for this!) 

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and as you can see, our Affiliate Management program has all the necessary ingredients to ensure your ultimate success with your resellers.

But what about that JV info I promised you earlier?

As an Internet Marketer, you probably already understand the immense power of joint ventures.

By choosing to "JV" or engage in a joint venture with the right people in your industry, one single deal can produce more cash than you'll know what to do with!

But let's face the facts - JV deals are definitely NOT easy to pull off... As many as 70% of such deals brokered online fall through, but why does this happen?  Most big marketers will despise having to admit this, but it was generally because...

...there was no way of knowing whether
or not the other party was cheating you!

Think about this for a moment - If you're a hotshot marketer and an unknown guy comes up to you with his latest product, asking you to promote it to your list with some generous commissions...

Will you even give it serious consideration if you do not *really* know if you can trust this guy in the first place?

Up until now there has been no way to safely ensure that joint ventures are handled fairly, but My Marketer's Edge changes all of that!

Here's a peek at what it will do for you & your JV partners:

 Firstly, it will automatically send your JV partners a notification email every time a sale is made, so they know exactly when the transaction took place and exactly how much commission they can expect after the refund period is over. 

 Secondly, you can add your JV partner as an affiliate, specify the commissions he will get paid and pay him at the end of the guarantee period with one single click!

It just doesn't get any easier than that!

Now who do you think people will be more willing and ready to do their next JV with... Someone who has absolutely no system in place for ensuring fair and prompt payments, OR someone with a robust system such as My Marketer's Edge to do the job?

So what are my alternatives?

If you surf around the 'net, you'll find several other alternatives that don't even come close to what My Marketer's Edge can possibly do for you.

Yet one of those basic "shopping carts" will set you back $948 a year, for as long as you continue using it... and all you end up with is a simple "shopping cart" that can't do one tenth of what My Marketer's Edge does for you.

Maybe you're someone who doesn't mind paying $948 or more per year for just a simple "shopping cart", but why settle for something that gives you wayyyyyy less than what you actually need to run your business? 

My Marketer's Edge IS comprehensive and affords you EVERYTHING you need to run your business.

It's doubtful that you will come across another single solution that even comes close in terms of ease of use, effectiveness, power, and ability to generate cash on command for you.

And remember, with My Marketer's Edge, you don't have to buy ANY high-dollar scripts, or fret with installing them or searching for the right company to host them, AND you no longer need to search for every single component you need to run your business at maximum efficiency...

Because it's all yours to put to work for you immediately with My Marketer's Edge...

The low down...

Ever since I began using the My Marketer's Edge system to manage my sales...

I have experienced a 27.3% increase in revenue, which I owe to simply putting a better system in place and finally taking control of my internet business, easily and automatically. 

Imagine those extra sales you could be making IF ONLY you had a proper affiliate system in place... or how many more sales you would be making if you were always able to automatically follow up with your customers.

I know it's not your fault, probably when you started out, there was no such thing as an all-in-one business management system, and if there was, it cost half the price of a new car! Those painful days are over for you!

And now, you're getting all of this handed to you on a silver platter...

Everything mentioned above is yours to explode your business and send your profits through the roof.  When you act today you're getting the comprehensive and ultra powerful My Marketer's Edge to build and manage your business...

Including the... product management, packaging, and OTO solution... the incredible and profitable membership site solution... and the mind blowing JV and affiliate management solution... all in ONE.

You simply will not find this kind of power, all under one roof, anywhere else...

Sounds fantastic, but how much Andrew?

You may be wondering just what the bottom line is here... I mean, after all, the all encompassing My Marketer's Edge contains every tool your business needs to send your profits into overdrive, easily, and automatically.

Comparable systems are being marketed today for thousands of dollars, and require complex and time consuming installs.  Not so, with My Marketer's Edge.

I know I could ask for an arm, a leg, and a firstborn... and get it every single day.  But I'm not willing to do that to you.

I've been in your shoes.  I've been where you're at.  And I understand the frustration of wanting... needing... a system that does everything My Marketer's Edge does...

I'm here to help you succeed in business.  And I can't do that by bleeding you for all your worth.  That's why I'm about to offer you the unimaginable... I'm about to hand My Marketer's Edge to you on a silver platter.

When you  make the wise decision to put this power in your hands today, you're not going to invest thousands of dollars... you're not going to have to hire a PHD to install some complex script and teach you how to use it.

No... when you act today you're getting all of this for the incredibly low monthly investment of only $47 per month.  No scripts to install... and none of the big tech headaches.

That's right.  Only $47 per month puts the power of My Marketer's Edge in your hands, and I'm handling the complex stuff, so you don't have to.

Plus, when you take action today... 

I'm also handing you these incredible BONUSES...

Jeff Alderson's amazing and aptly named: SEO Spider...

Getting the page rank and the rank statistics of your own web pages is key to operating at peak search engine and marketing efficiency.

The trouble is... gathering this type of crucial information can eat up hours and hours of your valuable time. And I'm certain we can both agree that time is probably THE most important asset we business owners have.

So how do you keep up with page ranks -- yours AND the competition's -- without having to invest even more hours of your precious time? NO problem! That's where SEO Spider comes to your rescue!

Here's everything that clever little SEO Spider can do for your business (without you spending hours and hours manually) and without having to spend $67 to get a copy for yourself, either.

$67 BONUS SEO Spider does all of this for you effortlessly:

 Spider ANY website and build a list of URLs -- along with the titles -- for each page on that server 

  Quickly and easily query Google to find out how many pages are indexed and what the rank is for each one of those listed pages 

 Powerful phrase matching search option gives you the most targeted rank results for every page indexed by Google 

  Check individual pages or use the convenient "Check All" features to analyze the entire list 

  Discover how well your website performs over time and know at-a-glance if you're improving your results 

  Easily analyze any and all competitors' websites and discover all of their TOP performing pages so you can do what they're doing.

  "Smart" technology ensures that disallowed pages such as robots.txt files won't get indexed/listed 

  Features 100% customizable search engine and website courtesy levels for maximum safety 

  Searches WhoIs records uncovering contact and domain registration information for any webmaster 

  Compare any two websites to find out which has more indexed pages, better link popularity and a lower Alexa rank 

 Reports the number of pages on the server, the number of pages indexed by Google, link popularity, and Alexa rank 

  Delivers a concise Summary Report with page rank statistics -- you can view the report, save, or even email it 

  Gives you the option of saving all the results, saving only the selected results, printing, and/or exporting to CSV 

  Lets you know whether or not Google is updating their index with our handy Google Dance Tool

And I've included a second potent BONUS for you today... Traffic Scorpion!

Traffic Scorpion is a hot $97 value, web-based solution that creates pages optimized for the search engines that increase "naturally" over time. An advanced feature built inside allows it to gradually add pages each day...

...all without you lifting a finger!

Each page is optimized around a keyword you want to get ranked in the search engines for.

By generating a large number of these pages, then you'll easily hit the traffic bullseye for a number of your prized terms!

Bottom line for you - More traffic and more money... FASTER!!!

Here's A Peak Under The Hood Of The $97 Traffic Scorpion:

 Quickly create an unlimited number of search engine optimized pages to attract a gigantic amount of FREE traffic! Best of all, it only takes a few clicks of a button! 

 Gain complete control over when and how many pages are added to your website! This means your sites grow naturally over time! 

  Easily customize the look and feel of your new pages! This means all of the pages on your website blend together for a positive user experience! 

  Drive massive amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website! Organic search engine traffic is often some of the best converting on the web! If you're not getting your fair share, then you're losing out on a fortune! 

  Choose the keywords each of your pages are optimized around so you can claim highly-prized search rankings! This guarantees your visitors are directly interested in what you have to offer! 

  Create dozens or even thousands of pages that are highly optimized to claim winning search engine positions! Just set Traffic Scorpion up once and let it take care of all the work, while you relax! 

  Handle all of the page creation tasks for sites more efficiently with a web-based central administration area! As soon as you log-in to your account, you see exactly where all of you page creation jobs stand! 

  Plus, much more!

As if all of this weren't enough... I want you to know that I stand behind My Marketer's Edge with complete conviction and confidence... which is why when you act today, you're also getting my...

Pay You $117 Satisfaction Guarantee! 


Because you and your business deserve it... 

By now, you can see that My Marketer's Edge is undeniably THE "total business management solution" and the one solution that will take you and your business to daring new heights.

By acting today you're getting everything mentioned above, all the power of the product and package management, all the profit of your own unlimited number of membership sites, all the cash generated form your army of in-house affiliates and JV's...

For only $47 per month.

And don't forget the mind blowing bonuses you get by acting todayIf you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply cancel, with no further obligation and keep the bonuses, valued at $164 for FREE.

It's like I'm paying you $117 just to give this system a try.  You can't and you won't beat that anywhere else on the Internet.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the hit-and-miss system you've been using?  Are you ready to explode your business, while managing every aspect, quickly and easily, all under one roof?

Then it's time for you to take action... it's time for you to put My Marketer's Edge in your arsenal today!



Here's To Your Success,

Andrew Wainwright

PS - Behind every successful business is a comprehensive management system.  So, if you're ready to go to the next level, then you can't be without one.  Right now, you have the golden opportunity to put the most comprehensive online system in your arsenal, without the budget blowing cost... and without the painful techie headaches.

PPS - Today only I am offering to pay you $117 to try My Marketer's Edge for one month.  If for any reason it does not live up to its billing, then you can cancel without further obligation, and keep the 2 incredible gifts, valued at $164, absolutely free.  You'll simply not find another offer like this anywhere, and you're only getting it by taking action today.





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